About Us

Court Support AB provides assistance to individuals in the Alberta Family Court system at affordable hourly rate which is a fraction of what a lawyer would charge.  We are experienced paralegals that have hands-on experience in Alberta Family Law Courts spending countless hours observing in court. We want to make sure that our assistance reflects what is current and relevant.  Recent surveys and studies show that over 50% of people in Alberta family law courts now represent themselves. We want to help you as you to get a better outcome as you do this.

Our principal consultant, Barry Schneider, started where you are only a few years back, helping one of his children though a nasty Family Law situation. After spending $15,000 in legal fees, he realized that he could not go on with this. He had to learn how the system worked and spent many hours going to court and asking questions. After helping his child through that situation to a reasonable outcome, he realized that there was a huge need out there to help others in these situations.

With all that is going on in your situation, our belief is that your time is best spent working to make money. We take some of the stress off you while helping you to get a reasonable outcome in the family courts.

Before we start working with you, we will estimate what the cost will be going forward and give you a proposal. Once you agree to work with us, each week we send you an accounting of time spent on your issues. Our fees will be in the hundreds and not the thousands as they can be when retaining a lawyer. We try hard not to add financial stress to a situation that is likely already stressful.

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Affordable Flat-Rate Fees

We have ourselves experienced spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours navigating the family law systems. We believe that your time is best spent working to make money and not spending it on expensive lawyers. Our goal is to take some of the stress burden off of you and still help you to get what you want in the family court.


We have worked with hundreds of clients since 2016. Many express their thankfulness that they found us. We are not sure why since they are paying us to do our job.

Here is what some of them have said:

I champion you to people because what you do is brilliant, my life and the kids are so much better since you came on the scene, that to all my family is priceless. 

You’ve been there for me during this new chapter/book..I’ll never forget…

You’ve already done more for me in a few months than my lawyer did in two years.